Navigation data and personal registered data into our server are used only for the following finalities.



Required data could be:

- name

- surname

- address

- phone numbero

- VAT number and fiscal code

- email address

- fax

- IP address

and other data referable to user generalities or to ways and modalities of user website log in.

The user has the right to be required an agreement for sensible data treatment.

Useful navigation data for technical use of the website are necessary gathered and they are not facultative. User can give the further data, even personal, in a free way when not expressly indicated.

The missed treatment of some data (in ex. contact data, addresses, behavior data or user preferences) can make the website service prestations impossible.

If user uses website to publish or share personal data from third parts, he assumes all the responsibilities: the user guarantees to have the right to communicate and share third parts' personal data and to have informed them of the treatment before this, dismissing the website from every responsibility for the instrumental treatment following the communication or diffusion.



The titolar treats interested's data and those of other users in a legit and correct way and it uses the opportune security ways to avoid unauthorized accesses, divulgation, modification or destruction of the data. Treatment is made with computer related instruments, in organizational ways and with logics strictly linked to the indicated finalities. Further than the proprietor, in some case, the access to data could happen by charged people belonging to internal website organisation (executive personal, commercial, marketing, legals, system administrators) or external individuals (such as third parts technical services providers, postal couriers, hosting provider, computer related societies, communications agencies) that will be nominated, if necessary, responsible from the owner of the treatment. The fresh list of responsible individuals can always be requested to the owner of the treatment, address to the upper indicated address.

Data are treated at the base of the treatment owner. Eventual treatment of data outer than countries members of European Union can require consent from user or the interested person.

Data are treated for the time necessary for the happening of the service required from the user and the user can always ask the remotion from website servers for legit motivations.

Finality of the collected data treatment
User data or the ones of the interested are collected for let us: erogate the service or the delivery of the goods purchased on the website and more generically for administrative-accounting or technical finalities; the reply to specific user informative queries; user updating on new products or services from the website or in relation to certain commercial offers; information of the user in occasion of website maintenance or eventual disservices; eventual commercial profiling of the user; the advertising banner viewing in relation to user interests (behavioral targeting/advertising); defense from website owner, in judgement or in preparatory phases for his possible instauration, from abuses in the using of the same or of services connected from the user. Some of these treatments (promotional communication sending, commercial profiling, behavioral advertising, geo-localization) could require the express consent of the user or of the interested individual. Specific informatives can be introduced in website's pages in relation to particular services or treatments of user data.



Data use for further finalities from the owner or for services for whom is necessary a collaboration of third part individuals, that are following indicated, could in some case require the free consent and specific of the user or of the interested.

Signing in
Through registration user agrees to provide his personal data for the execution of the given services and/or for purchasing of products on the same website. In personal collected data there are: name, surname, birth date, address, username, email, password and VAT number.



With the following website there are at the disposition of users some services provided by third parts. Collecting and using of informations from third parts are regulated by relative privacy informatives.

Social Networks
The user can share information and data provided to the website with social networks on which he is registered, accepting relative privacy policies and in this could require the communication or the spreading of data to third parts.

Google +1 Button (Google)
Google +1 is a service by Google Inc. that let a person share public informations and receive personalized contents from Google and its partners. If user clicks on +1 button on a content, the action is registered by google together with the informations relative to the viewed page at the time of the click. For using Google +1 button, it is necessary to have got a Google profile comprehending at least the name chosen for the profile. It is possible that identity reported in Google profile of the user is viewable from people who have the email address or of other identity information of the user. Informations provided by Google are used in compliance with the Google privacy laws. Google can share statistics relative to activity +1 of the user with the public, its own users and partners (publisher, advertisers or related websites). Google elaborates data on its own servers, located in United States of America and in other countries uniforming to the principles defined from the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework and guaranteeing a data treatment in line with european security standards.

Place of the treatment: USA for further informations:
Personal collected data are: cookie and IP Address.

Buttons/social widgets of Facebook
Facebook Like Button and its variants are services managed by Facebook Inc., a corporation that adheres to Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework, guaranteeing a treatment of data in line with the european standards of security. Service let the user interact with the social network through this site. Facebook, thanks to the user click, acquires data relative to the visit of the same on the website. Facebook does not share any information in its possession with the website or the owner of the treatment.

Place of the treatment: USA
For further
Personal collected data are: cookie and IP Address.


Services in this section, provided from third parts, are useful for tracking user behavior and, in case of profiling, can require the express consent of the user.

Google Analytics (Google)

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google") that uses cookies with which it collects user data that are sent and stored to Google servers in United States. Google uses these informations for tracking and examining website use, fill reports and provide other services relative to website activities. Google could use data to profile user and make to it promotional operations related to products and services given by Google or third parts.

Place of the treatment: USA for further informations:

Personal collected data are: Cookie and IP Address.



81100 - CASERTA



Subjects to whom data are referred have the right in any time to obtain the confirmation to the existence or less of the same to the owner of the treatment, to know the content and the origin, to verify the rightness or to ask integration, the deleting, the updating, the rectification, the transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of the treated data in law violation, and to opposite to their treatment in every case for legit motivations. Requests are sent to owner to the address indicated in "Owner of the treatment" or, if present, to the responsible of the treatment in cape of the gestion of access queries.



Treatment responsible

The physical person, legal, the public administration and any other being, association or organism in charge of personal data treatment from the owner.

Treatment owner

Physical person, legal, public administration and any other being, association or organism to who is up to decisions, even with another owner, in order to finalities, modalities of the treatment of personal data and used instruments, included security profile, in relation to the working and use of the present website.

Legal Referment

The present privacy informative is edited respecting the musts as seen in Art. 10 of Direttiva n. 95/46/CE, and in Direttiva 2002/58/CE, as refreshed in Direttiva 2009/136/CE, in matter of cookies. The present privacy informative regards exclusively the website and it is not meant referred to other websites whom links are eventually contained in the same.



We have realized a Cookies Policy as part of our project not only to conform to the recent law, but also to assure you transparence and clearness on what happens when you visit our website.

cookie is a part of data that is memorized on a server, tablet, smartphone when you surf the web so that your computer, smartphone or tablet can be recognized in a second moment. Cookies placed by us do not know you directly as a physical person; they recognize only the device that you are using.

Cookies do not damage in any way your device but they abilitate multiple important website features, for exemple, they let you come back to pages that you have searched and help you in your shopping cart management. Cookies are useful for keep a website safe, to mind your preferences and to customize the content of the website so that is more useful to you.

Further, these cookies are used to collect informations on how users use the website. We use the informations to fill reports and as an help to improve the website. Cookies collect informations in an anonymous way, even number of visitors, where are they from and the pages they visited. Click here for a panoramic of Google privacy.

If cookies are not enabled on your computer, tablet or smartphone, your experience on the website could be limited (for example, you could be not set to a full navigation).



We can take the following informations:

  • name
  • contact informations as email address
  • demographic information as the postal code, preferences and interests
  • other relevant informations for surveys or offers to the user

For an exhaustive list of cookies we collect see the section List of cookies we collect.



We ask for these informations to better understand your needs and to offer you a better service, in particular for the following motivations:

  • For intern storage.
  • For eventual use of information for improving our products and services.


We commit to ensure that informations are safe. To avoid unauthorized accesses or revelations, we have set up gestion, electronic and physical procedures to save and keep safe informations we collect online.



Un cookie è un piccolo file che chiede il permesso per essere posizionato sull''hard drive del tuo computer. Una volta che accetti, il file viene aggiunto ed i cookie aiutano ad analizzare il traffico web o le informazioni quando visiti una pagina di un particolare sito. I cookies permettono alle applicazioni web di rispondere a te come un individuo. L''applicazione web può realizzare l''operazione sulla base delle tue necessità, su ciò che ti piace o non piace raccogliendo e ricordando informazioni sulle tue preferenze

We use log traffic of cookies to identify which pages have been used. This helps us to analyze data relative to web pages data and to improve our website so to make the better out of the user experience for the user himself. We use informations only for analysis and statistics and then we erase them from the system.

Cookies help us to offer you a better experience on our website, letting us see which page you have found more or less useful. A cookie does not give us in any way access to your computer or no information on you, further to data that you share with us. You can choose to accept or to refuse cookies. Most of browsers automatically accepts cookies, but you can often modify settings of your browser to refuse cookies, if you prefere. This choice could not let you navigate at the best on the website.



Our website could contain links to other websites of interest. Anyway, once you have used those links to leave our website you must note that we have no control on other websites. Further, we can not be responsible for protection and privacy of no information that are provided during a visit to other websites and other websites are not under protection of this privacy. You shall be careful to privacy policy of the website in question.



You can decide to limit the collection of your personal data in the following way:

  • every time it is required to you to fill a form on a website, look into the section on which you can indicate that you do not want that your informations are used from anyone for direct marketing purposes.
  • If you previously let us use your personal informations for direct marketing purposes, you can send us an email in any moment to switch this setting to the following email address:

We do not sell, spread or borrow your informations to third parts at least if they are not required for law or you gave us the permission.



The following tab shows the cookies that we collect and informations they contain.


Name of the COOKIEDescription of the COOKIE
CartThe association with your cart.
CATEGORY_INFOThis storages informations relative to page category, so that the viewing of the pages is faster.
COMPAREProducts that you have in Compare Products list
CURRENCYYour favorite currency
CUSTOMERAn encrypted version of the ID customer number of the shop.
CUSTOMER_AUTHAn indicator that shows if you are logged in or not.
CUSTOMER_INFOAn encrypted version of the user group to whom you belong.
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDSIt sends the Segment ID of the customer
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHEA flag that shows if the caching is enabled or not.
FRONTENDYour ID session in the server.
GUEST-VIEWIt allows guests to modify their orders.
LAST_CATEGORYLast category you visited.
LAST_PRODUCTLast product you navigated.
NEWMESSAGEIndicates if it has been received a new message.
NO_CACHEIndicates if it is allowed the use of the cache.
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CARTA link to informations relative to your cart and to the historic of views if required to the website.
POLLThe ID of any poll to whom you took part.
POLLNInformations relative to any poll you took part.
RECENTLYCOMPAREDArticles that you have recently compared.
STFInformations on products you have shared via mail to a friend.
STOREThe store or the language you selected
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIEIndicates if a customer has is allowed to use cookies
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDSProducts that you have recently viewed
WISHLISTAn encrypted list of products that you added to your wishlist.
WISHLIST_CNTThe number of products in your wishlist.


Mhoneiro cares about your data security. We have entrusted Paypal the online payment because it is renown as the safest system for payment reception and for customer ward.

We have opened various communication lines to let you contact us.

What we ask is to NEVER give ANYONE your login ID and password. Neither to us if we are asking you (we will never do). Your data are safe with us, but you have to never give them to anyone to keep them so.

If you have any doubt, contact us from the form on the website, via email to the address you find in your order and through the OFFICIAL FACEBOOK CHANNEL . But never give your personal informations to anyone and never use them in any other way from those indicated above.


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