Guide to shopping


User registration

On Mhoneiro it is possible to sign in  in few clicks to get faster the shopping phase. At the moment of registration it is required name, surname, an email and a password that can be changed in anytime. In the personal account you can insert your personal datathe shipping address and control a summing up of your orders. Once signed in, at each purchase you will not have to give the shipping address and other necessary data, for the fact that all those data are already registered in the server. It is possible anyway, even when signed in, insert a different shipping address or modify the one already present.


Shopping cart

Purchasing on Mhoneiro is really easy: it is sufficient to surf through the product categories and select what you want to purchase. Inside the product schedule you can check the product details, the images, and add the product to cart by clicking on the proper button. Products can be added and dropped from the cart in every moment before checking out the order.



To go on with the purchase select in the cart page the voice "proceed with the order" and fill the voices with the data required. In the case of a registered user if in the personal account there have been already registered own data, those will appear automatically, otherwise it will be possible to memorize them in the next registration. At the moment of the purchasing will be asked to choice modality of payment and there will be indicated eventual shipping fees.. By clicking on "make the order" you'll proceed with the purchasing.


Payment methods

Payment methods accepted are:

PAYPAL, if you already have a Paypal account you can make your payment in a fast and easy way. 

Discover why purchasing online with PayPal is safe- Watch the tutorial videos 

CREDIT CARD, through the Paypal safe payment system



If you decide to pay online with a credit card, you have no fees and risk absolutely nothing. 
In fact, credit card data are encrypted during the transmission and are managed directly by the payment platform: we do not see them and they are not memorized anywhere.

Original products we are selling, news and from sure and safe source.
There is nothing worse than saving some spare and discovering that the warranty is not valid in our country, that the product have already been used or that something seems weird.


Withdrawal right

We do prefer to be really clean and transparent, even if that could cost us some money. We do purchase our products only from qualified sources, that can warrantee us in every moment the lawful and trackable origin of the material.
Italian law makes possible on every distant purchase the withdrawal chance in 14 working days and to be paid back at 100%. The only cost for you is the shipping for the withdrawal of the product.
The existence of a specific law safeguards you at 100%. For more informations visit the page  Return and Recesses.


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